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book Field

Whether you're looking for a field for baseball, softball, soccer, football or lacrosse to book one time or for a season, Field of Dreams has you covered. Choose the option that works best for you!

Peterson Field

The field is located in the northwest part of a complex with ample shade and seating for spectators. A full-size baseball field that includes a full-length outfield fence.  The main use for the field is baseball for ages  13+, with room for one full-size soccer/lacrosse field in the outfield.


Fazio Field

The smallest field is available in the northeast corner adjacent to the parking lot. The field's primary use is softball ages 8 and below. The outfield can be used for small group practices or activities.

Filed is available for recreational purposes (kickball, slow pitch softball, and more).

East Soccer Field

Located on the southeast corner along the bike path. Available for 9v9 soccer games and practices.


Stone & Finley

Both softball fields are located in the southwest area and are available for softball 8+.

Finley is located next to the bike path with an open outfield and bleachers.

Stone field has a full fenced outfield and bleachers.

Both fields are available for recreational purposes (kickball, slow pitch softball, and more).

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